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Andria Hibe

DevAcademy Foundations Blog

These blog articles were all written as I was going through the 5-week Foundations portion of the DevAcademy Web Development bootcamp. During this time, I was learning about the very basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript as well as learning important soft skills to aid me in my learning.

Technical Blog Articles

Sprint 1: The Story of Te Houtaewa

Sprint 2: Differences between relative, absolute, and fixed positioning in CSS

Sprint 3: Basic Javascript Concepts

Sprint 4: Problem Solving

Cultural Blog Articles

Sprint 1: Identity, Values and Strengths Exploration

Sprint 2: Updated - Learning Plan for Foundations and Bootcamp

Sprint 3: Emotional Intelligence

Sprint 4: Neuroplasticity and Growth Mindset

Sprint 5: Reflections on Foundation Core Skills